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The rise of right-wing/populist governments and the decline of cooperation

Observing international politics in the past weeks provides one a fantastic view on why inward-looking, nationalistic flavored politics ends as it invariably must end – in confusion, gridlock and heighten animosities without any tangible benefit. But let’s wind the unfolding movie back a few years to get the overall picture. I am starting off very … Continue reading


How in the case of the Catalan independence Spain tarnishes liberal democracy aspirations in non-democratic countries

What happened                 The strife over the Catalan independence already dates back to 2006 when an agreement to devolve powers to Catalonia was forged between the Spanish government and Catalan authorities. However, the Spanish constitutional court stroke down the agreement in 2010. In the wake of this event, mass protests in favor of Catalan independence … Continue reading


The never-ending civil war in Eastern Ukraine: an insight interview on its consequences for its citizens

This interview was inspired by the overarching neglect of media on the repercussions of the civil war in Eastern Ukraine on its citizens. Whereas the debate virtually always revolves around the “interests of Russia”, the “enlargement of EU/NATO”, the “Minsk II Agreement”, how many people were killed in the latest round of hostilities, etc., there … Continue reading


Zurück zur Realität und dem Realismus: Die amerikanische Intervention in Syrien

Der Vorfall Der amerikanische Angriff auf einen Militärflughafen am 06.04.2017 scheint eine Schockwelle der Verwunderung bei einer fassungslosen Öffentlichkeit auszulösen. Gegner der Präsidentschaft von Donald Trump schreiben den Raketenangriff seinem unberechenbaren Gemüt zu, fühlen sich in ihrer Haltung bestätigt, dass er ein Heuchler sei, da er in der Vergangenheit betonte sich aus Kriegen im Mittleren … Continue reading


Get back to reality and realism: The US strike on Syria

What happened? The US strike on a Syrian military airport yesterday (6th April 2017) seems to send shockwaves around a stunned public which experiences a difficult time to assess this event. Opponents of Trump’s presidency attribute the attack to his erratic behavior, feel vindicated that he is a hypocrite because he promised to “stay out” of … Continue reading